The Water Division consists of the water distribution system located within the City. In addition, fire protection services are also provided to the users of the water system and made possible by the Water Division. The expenses of the Division are fully funded by revenue from user fees.

High quality, clean, safe, and aesthetically pleasing water is the City’s commitment to YOU. We have adopted practices to ensure the drinking water consistently meets, or exceeds, all State and Federal regulations.

Water System Directional Flushing Maintenance

Directional flushing throughout the entire system, is performed as part of our routine preventative maintenance program.

Hydrant Flushing Program PSA 121817

Water System Preventative Chlorine Maintenance

Beginning Monday, December 11, 2017 the City will introduce a low dose of chlorine, throughout the entire system, as part of our routine preventative maintenance program.

Routine Preventative Chlorine Maintenance 120617

Drinking Water ~ Important Notice

None at this time.

Water Map

Water Map 12-2016

Water Map 12 2001

New Water Service Connection

To connect to the City’s water system, please contact the Utility Department at 509.248.0434 . A completed “Water Service Application” and payment in full is required before a connection can be made.

Water Service Requirements

Water Service Installation Charges

Water Service Application

Water Benefit Areas

Water Developer Standards

Water Developer Standards

Water Quality Report

Annually the City provides a Water Quality Report, which is also known as the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR). The report contains important information regarding the City’s quality of drinking water.

2017 Consumer Confidence Report

2016 Consumer Confidence Report

2015 Consumer Confidence Report

2014 Consumer Confidence Report

2013 Consumer Confidence Report

2012 Consumer Confidence Report

Cross Connection Control

This program was implemented to improve the protection of our water system. “Cross Connection” is when back-siphonage or back pressure conditions are created in a water line; thus causing it to enter into the water system. The City’s program addresses high health hazard connections, commercial services, and residential connections.

A well-maintained water system is critical in protecting the City’s ever present threat of cross-connection contamination.

The City’s Cross-Connection Control Program is on-going with backflow inspectors working through the City’s system inspecting properties.

Please make sure your cross-connection back flow assemblies are tested and certified. For a list of City of Union Gap approved Certified Assembly Testers, please stop by City Hall or call 509.225.3524.

Water System Plan

This plan is a comprehensive analysis of all aspects of our water system. The plan identifies current and future plans, by the City, to continue to provide high quality drinking water. The Water System Plan is updated every five (5) years.

Water Use Efficiency (WUE) Program

To address the increasing demand on our state’s water resources WA State Legislature passed the “Municipal Water Law”. The law established that all municipal water suppliers must use water more efficiently in exchange for water right certainty. As the potential for developing new sources of water diminishes, an efficient use of water is necessary to meet future demand due to drought, climate changes, population growth, and business needs.

Water Use Efficiency Plan Update 2017

Temporary Turn Off for Repairs or Vacation

If you would like your household water turned on or off, for repairs or while you are away on vacation, please contact the Utility Department at 509.248.0434.

You can also e-mail this request to:

Please understand that at times employees are not always able to receive e-mails. In order to ensure the request is filled promptly, a phone call may be the quickest solution.

Hydrant Flushing

The Water Department conducts annual maintenance, to the domestic water distribution system.  System maintenance is performed by systematically flushing a rapid flow of water through the mains to remove naturally occurring sediment.  The purpose of this operation is to enhancing water quality; identify hydrant and valve malfunctions; as well as identify potential weaknesses in the system.

Water users are generally notified through the City newsletter, website and postings; “Public Service Announcements” are sent to the Yakima Herald Republic, all local radio & television stations.

Hydrant Rental

For information on renting a hydrant meter, please contact the Utility Department at 509.248.0434.

Hydrant Meter Rental ~ Application / Agreement form will need to be completed.


It is easy to take water for granted; an abundant supply of drinking water has always been readily available and a basic life necessity in America. Water is an important and precious resource that everyone should help preserve.

Understanding where you can save water is a great place to start. You can get the biggest water savings at home by fixing leaks and installing WaterSense labeled fixtures. Being more conscientious of the water you waste, and the money wasted by those actions, is a good motivator to start even the smallest change today!

Kids are learning about water conservation and how to use water wisely; they will be more apt to implement what they learn if they witness you doing the same. For more tips, go to the EPA’s WaterSense website.

Wellhead Protection Plan / Program

The City’s WPP sets protective boundaries around the City’s wells to protect the City’s groundwater resources. The plan helps identify potential contamination sources, provides notification of these sites to City residents, and helps develop contingency planning in the event a well becomes contaminated. The WPP is updated every two (2) years.