The Parks Division maintains four (4) City parks – Loudon, Cahalan, Fullbright, and the Youth Activities Park; as well as 1.5 miles of pedestrian pathway, and several associated greenway spaces throughout the City.

All Parks combined are approximately one hundred and thirty (130) acres of developed area. Fullbright Park has approximately fifty (50) acres for additional future expansion.

The Youth Activities Park (YAP) is seventy-four (74) acres, offering two (2) rental buildings, the Senior Center, numerous picnic areas, and shelters.  Loudon, Fullbright, and the Youth Activities Park all have playground equipment.

Park maintenance provides for the development and maintenance of the City’s parks, greenway space, recreation facility grounds, athletic fields, and other City owned property in order to aesthetically reflect community identity, enrich the quality of life, and provide accessible and safe open space for leisure time activities.

Free Parking Passes

Parking passes for the Youth Activities Park are available, free of charge, for Union Gap residents. Please bring your drivers license or proof of residency into City Hall to receive your pass. One pass per household, valid for one year from the date of issuance.

Adopt-A-Park Program

The City has an Adopt-A-Park Program for people of all ages!  The purpose of this program is to get people involved with beautifying the communities park, which should decrease vandalism, improve park safety / security, and increase community pride in our parks!  Please Adopt-A-Park today – you can give as much time to this program as YOU want.  Please fill out one form per person and return it to City Hall.

Adopt a Park Program Form English

Adopt a Park Program Form Spanish

Building Reservations – (509) 248-0432

For building reservations, please call or visit us at 102 West Ahtanum Road – Union Gap WA, 98903

For more information regarding building rental information please click on the following link: BUILDING RENTAL FORMS


Youth Activities Park – Reservations 509.225.3524



Amenities include:

  • Covered Shelters (accommodates 200+ guests)
  • Picnic Sites (accommodates 50 to 200 guests)
  • Athletic Fields
  • Playground Areas
  • Tennis and Basketball Courts

Master Gardeners (WSU Yakima County)

WSU Yakima County Master Gardeners have a Demonstration garden and a Heirloom garden at the Ahtanum Youth Activities Park.  Both gardens are teaching gardens with classes held during the spring, summer and fall seasons.  WSU Yakima County Master Gardeners have a greenhouse, which allows members to propagate plants from seed or cuttings to be sold at the annual plant sale (open to the public) in order to raise income to support the program.  To find out more about the WSU Yakima County Master Gardeners program – please go to:

Classes in the garden scheduled for 2018!

Master Gardener Demonstration Garden
Look for us on the second and fourth Saturdays of each month at 10:00amAhtanum Youth Activities Park – 1000 Ahtanum Road, Union Gap

May 26Sustainable Garden Design – Join us as we talk about garden principles, selection of plants adapted to the local environment, protecting wildlife, improving our soils and how to leave the planet better than we found it. July 28Seven Principles of Xeric Gardening – Learn to use our water wisely in gardening practices along with steps to help make the appropriate choices in water-saving gardening.
Jun 9Dahlias – Learn how to grow perfect dahlias, including how to select, stake, irrigate and fertilize. When their season ends in November, learn how to dig, divide and store them for the winter. Aug 11Plant Identification – To learn the process to identify plants in question, you must start with an accurate description. Come and learn how to do that.
June 23Roses, Roses, Roses – Come learn about planting, pruning and protecting. Get help making your rosebushes beautiful. Aug 25Build It and They Will Come (pollinators) – Learn how to attract pollinators, like bees, butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden.
July 14Growing Color, Herbs and Food in Containers – Learn how to have the best success growing in containers through the seasons. Sep 8Tool Care – Learn how to clean and sharpen garden tools. Bring a dull one for a hands-on demo.

Parking for Master Gardener events is FREE!  Seating is limited.  It helps if you bring a lawn chair!


Master Gardener Heirloom Garden
Look for us on the third Saturday of each month at 10:00am1522 South 18th Avenue, Yakima

May 19Good Soil – Dirt is what you track inside on your shoes, and has lost its beneficial traits. Soil is “live” dirt. Without it, you can’t grow a good garden. We’ll learn about soil types, how to test yours, and how to make it better.

June 23Pruning Tomatoes – Let us show you how to keep your tomatoes from becoming a jungle. (Our most popular class!)

July 21Crop Rotation – Rotating your crops is easy to do. It keeps your garden healthy and increases yields.

Aug 18Cherry Tomatofest – We’ve got lots of new varieties of cherry tomatoes in every color imaginable. Join us in the garden for an hour of tomato tasting!

Sep 15Culinary Herbs – Herbs are beautiful, aromatic, and very easy to grow. Use herbs to take meals from ordinary to gourmet, for just pennies.

All classes & parking are FREE!

Seating is limited. It helps if you bring a lawn chair!


Fullbright Park – Reservations 509.225.3524


Amenities include:
  • Covered Shelters
  • Picnic Sites
  • Concert Stage
  • Playground Area
  • Wide Open Spaces
  • 60+ Acre Field

IMG_1402  IMG_1403

 This park is also the location of the historic Central Washington Agricultural Museum.



Non-Reservation Parks

Loudon Park

3607 4th Street
Union Gap, WA 98903

Amenities include:
  • Tennis and Basketball Courts
  • Picnic Areas
  • Playground Area




2100 South 18th Street
Union Gap, WA 98903

Amenities include:
  • 6.6 Acre Community Park
  • Picnic Areas
  • Baseball Field
  • Adjacent to the Valley Mall