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Public Records Request

How do I make a public record request?

Washington law requires state and local agencies to make public records available to the public. The law, the Washington State Public Records Act RCW 42.56, supports the public’s right to be informed about what their government is doing.

The Act also lists certain public records that do not have to be disclosed. These exemptions are intended to prevent unreasonable invasions of personal privacy or the use of public records for personal or commercial gain.

The Act also requires that the public records requested are “identifiable.” Your public records disclosure request must include a reasonable description that would allow a Union Gap city employee to locate the records. A general question is not a public disclosure request.

Here’s How To Request A Public Record From the City of Union Gap:

and choose the “Make a Request” option

Public Records Officer
Teresa Lopez

Frequently requested records:
Washington State Office of the Attorney General
Additional Public Disclosure Resources:
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