The Planning Division is designed to help with short range and long range land use planning functions. Through the implementation and enforcement of planning regulations, we are able to minimize land use conflicts while preserving and enhancing the quality of life throughout the City. We work with the City Council, Planning Commission, and the Hearing Examiner in support of the City’s current and long range planning. We strive to provide citizens, property and business owners accurate information about land use issues.

What is a land use permit?

Land use permits are permits or approvals granted by the City that allow certain business uses to proceed, construction permits to be issued or development activities to take place. Your zoning of your property will identify specific land uses, locations, types of building, and land development that require a land use permit. Potential applicants are encouraged to contact our office at 509-575-3638 to set up a Pre-Application meeting to review your proposal for a land use permit. This will allow the City to give you a better understanding of the land use review process.

What is my zoning on my parcel?

Each parcel within the City of Union Gap has a special zoning, which will tell you what uses can be applied for or allowed. If you just want your zoning on your parcel, the City of Union Gap Zoning Map can tell you what your zoning is. If you are not sure, feel free to contact our office at 509-575-3638 to inquire, please have your address or parcel number ready.

How long will the process take?

The timeline for processing land use applications will depend on what type of land use application your pro- ject will fall under. If you would like to get an estimate on your land use project timeline, please contact our office at 509-575-3638.

How do I get flood plain information?

Flood Plain and FEMA information can be obtained from our office; please call 509-575-3638 for property in- quiries and have your parcel or address ready for property inquiries.

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