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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I request a copy of a report?

In order to request a copy of a report, we ask that you fill out a public disclosure request found here, and make sure to include the following information in order for the records clerk to get you the proper information you are looking for: your name, a contact number for you, the case number you are requesting a copy of, and the date of the incident. Per state law, we have 5 business days to respond to your request. If the document is releasable, we do charge .15 cents per page that you can pay when the report is ready to be picked up.

If you are requesting a collision report, often times the insurance company can submit a request via mail for a copy of the report and they will send a $5.00 check at that time. Once we process their request, we mail the report back to them.

2. I received a ticket in the City of Union Gap, where do I go to pay my fine?

Make sure that you were stopped by a Union Gap Police Officer first since you can be stopped by many other agencies in the City of Union Gap. If you were indeed stopped by the Union Gap Police Department, you can pay your fine at Yakima County District Court located at the Yakima County Courthouse at 128 N. 2nd Street in Yakima on the second floor. The phone number there is (509) 574-1800.

3. My ticket is in collections, who do I need to contact regarding that?

Union Gap Municipal Court is handled by Yakima County District Court at the Yakima County Courthouse at 128 N. 2nd Street in Yakima on the second floor. The phone number there is (509) 574-1801.

4. Who do I call after 5:00 pm when your office is closed for a non-emergency situation?

At 5:00 pm, the Union Gap Police Department transfers the business lines to SUNCOMM Communications which is the 911 call center for Yakima County and dispatch for the Union Gap and Yakima Police Departments. If you do not get an answer at that time, often times it is because 911 is handling emergent calls on their emergency lines and are unable to get to the non-emergency lines that are transferred over. IF YOU HAVE AN EMERGENCY, CALL 911.

5. I have an animal complaint, who do I notify?

The Union Gap Police Department contrats with the Humane Society of Central Washington for an Animal Control Officer for the city. If you have an animal complaint, you can call the Union Gap Police Department at (509) 248-0430, to advise of the complaint and the clerks will pass the information on to the Animal Control Offier when they check in. Animal Control does not take anonymous tips due to the lack of accessible information if needed. Animal Control also only handles dogs and cats. Wild animals such as skunks, birds and other non domesticated animals would most likely be handled by Fish and Wildlife, but you may want to check with them to determine their limitations.

6. Does it matter which law enforcement agency I call when I want to file a report?

When determining which law enforcement agency to call, jurisdiction needs to be established. Jurisdiction is based on the location of where the incident occurred. Although you may live in an outside city, if the situation occurred in the City of Union Gap, you would need to contact this department to report it. The clerks at the Union Gap Police Department will be able to assist you in checking the location to determine who you need to call.

7. I was involved in a non-injury collision and we have exchanged information and left the scene, how do I file a report?

Once you have exchanged information with the other party involved in the collision, you can go into any law enforcement facility and ask for a Citizen Collision Report form. The form is filled out by you using the information you obtained at the scene of the collision, then you will mail the form to the Washington Sate Patrol using the address located at the bottom of the form. Often times when your insurance asks for a report, that is what they need if no officer responded.

8. I need fingerprints done for employment, how do I get those done?

The Union Gap Police Department will do fingerprints for Union Gap residents for Concealed Pistol Licenses and employment purposes by appointment only. The charge for all fingerprints not including Concealed Pistol License prints is $5.00 per card.

9. Where can I find the Concealed Pistol License form?

You can find and print a copy of the Concealed Pistol License form here. Please follow all directions listed on the cover page completely.

10. I want to get a copy of a police report that was taken several years ago, do you still retain that copy?

Per RCW 40.14.070, most case files (depending on type) are only required to be maintained for 5 years then are destroyed. If you have a question on your particular report, please contact the Union Gap Police Department clerks at (509) 248-0430.