Crime Statistics


The Union Gap Police Department is responsible for the safety and welfare of the citizens and visitors who live and work in the City of Union Gap.

The Police Department is authorized seventeen (17) commissioned Police Officers, six (6) Reserve Officers and three (3) civilian support staff.

The Police Department is broken down into different divisions:


Consists of the Chief of Police, one (1) Lieutenant, and a Police Services Supervisor.


Consists of four (4) uniformed Sergeants and eight (8) uniformed officers who handle initial response to calls for service, traffic enforcement, proactive policing and numerous other types of incidents.

The department also has six (6) limited commissioned Reserve Officers who volunteer their time to increase patrol staffing or assit where needed on large incidents or crime scenes security.


Consists of three (3) detectives who handle referrals from patrol, large investigations, crime scenes, search warrants, and narcotics among many other types of investigations.


The Union Gap Police Department also has three (3) officers assigned to the Regional Crisis Response Unit as SWAT Operators or Crisis Negotiators.


The Union Gap Police Department provides 24 hour police coverage and responds to approximately 11,000 calls to service annually.