City of Union Gap Police

The Holiday Season is a fantastic time for gatherings with family and friends; the Union Gap Police Department wants to remind you to stay vigilant about your safety and security.  Each year we respond to several burglaries and car prowls directly related to the Holiday Season.

In the Hustle and bustle [OF THE HOLIDAY SEASON] we sometimes forget to keep an eye on our belongings.  When shopping, please remember to lock your doors and don’t leave anything in plain sight.  Car prowlers are looking for the easy theft.  Place your recently purchased packaging in the trunk or under a privacy cover in your vehicle.  If you need to deposit several items in your car but want to continue shopping, please move to a different parking area.  Thieves will watch the parking lots during the holidays for people putting merchandise in their trunks.  If you leave the vehicle where it is and continue to shop, they will break into your trunk after you go back into the stores and steal the recently purchased items.

Christmas trees are a wonderful tradition and some want their friends and neighbors to see how beautifully they are decorated.  If your tree is visible to anyone passing by, please make sure the presents under the tree cannot be seen.  It is not uncommon for burglars to notice the presents under the tree and break in to steal them when the residents are not home.

If you notice anything suspicious or have any questions please don’t hesitate to call the Union Gap Police Department at 509-248-0430.

Happy Holidays!



The mission of the Union Gap Police Department is to provide professional police services in partnership with the community to enhance the safety and quality of life to the citizens we serve.


Core Values



Through mutual reliability, flexibility and openness, we have a commitment to teamwork and cooperation among department members, city departments and the community in which we serve to accomplish our goals.



A firm adherence to a code of moral and ethical values; behavior characterized by honesty, respect for others, accountability, consistency and sincerity that comprises the best practices of police work.



Treating everyone with dignity and fairness through knowledgeable, competent and ethical policing. We continually strive to work with the community we serve and be responsive to the communities’ needs and concerns.