Here are some helpful tips for our Union Gap residents and business owners.

  • The Public Works Department has developed a snow route system. The Union Gap Public Works Department will sand all major intersections, bridges, overpasses, and access streets to schools.
  • Snow will be plowed in a manner that minimizes traffic obstructions.
  • Don’t throw snow from your sidewalk or driveway onto the streets. Please read our Union Gap City Ordinance: (Ord. 2072 1, 1998) No person shall couse snow or ice to be placed in any public street, alley, sidewalk or public way: provided, that this section shall not apply to Union Gap town employees performing the regular course of their duties. Violation of this section shall be a civil Infraction with a penalty of one hundred dollars.
  • Please help us by not pushing snow into a driveway, or along a parked car on the street. Our city crew work hard to keep streets passable.
  • Shovel your snow to the right of your driveway into your yard and not into city street, this will avoid having snow covering your driveway from the city plow.

All calls regarding snow removal and/or ice control, other than those associated with accidents or emergencies should be directed to the Public Works Department Office (509) 225 – 3524