Campaign Sign Ordinance

(a) “Political sign” is define in Section 17.08.020, and is exempt from the application, permit and fee requirements of Title 17 when the standards of Chapter 17.08.110 do not apply to exempt political signs.

(b) Notwithstanding any other provision of the Union Gap Municipal Code, political signs may be placed in public street rights-of-way subject to the following requirements:

(1) Political signs are prohibited in the medial of Valley Mall Boulevard/Pioneer Street, as well as on all city property other then rights-of-way.

(2) Political signs are prohibited within the vision clearance triangle of all street and driveways, as defined in Chapter 11.12 and section 17.08.060.

(3) Political signs shall be located out of the traveled portion of the roadway, located out of the established parking areas, and shall be no larger than four square feet.

(4) The chief of police, public works director, and building official, or their respective designee, are authorized to remove any sign which in their sole discretion creates a public safety concern. Any sign which are removed shall be stored during the relevant campaign, and may be retrieved by campaign representatives.

(5) An adjacent landowner or tenant who removed political signs from right-of -way fronting his or her property shall not be guilty of a civil or criminal infraction or misdemeanor under either state law or local ordinance.

(6) The city shall not be liable for damage to political signs caused by city activities, such as street and right-of-way maintenance.


Political Sign Map