NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the City of Union Gap, Washington has awarded the following bids from the Small Works Roster: Type of Contract Contractor Awarded Amount of Contract Description Of Work Date of Award Generator Maintenance Cummins NW $13,787.36 for 3 Years 3-year Annual Maintenance of City’s 6 generators 2/27/19 Landscape Maintenance Colonial Lawn & Garden $10,080.55 Annually Fertilization/Weed Control/Lawn Mowing/ Sprinkler Maintenance for Civic Campus 2/27/19 HVAC Maintenance Absolute Comfort Technology, LLC $4,262 Annually 4 inspections per year/testing/aligning/calibrating for Civic Campus 1/25/19 Copies of these contracts can be reviewed by contacting the City Clerk at, or by calling Karen Clifton at 509-248-0432 during regular business hours. The Union Gap small works roster can be used for public works projects of $300,000 or under. Businesses interested in being included on the city’s Small Works Roster may apply at any time by visiting the City of Union Gap Website at or by emailing, or by calling Karen Clifton, City Clerk at 509-248-0432 during regular business hours. DATED this 28th day of February 2019.