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Cost of Living Calculator Helps Local Business Recruit Talent

We all know that the cost of living is higher in Settle than it is in Yakima, but how much higher is it exactly?

  • A loaf of bread averages $4.77 in Seattle, but in Yakima, it’s only $3.23.
  • Ribeye steak averages $14.54 per pound in Seattle and $11.01 per pound in Yakima.
  • A dozen eggs average $1.99 in Seattle and $1.48 in Yakima.
  • A men’s dress shirt averages $45.00 in Seattle and $29.55 in Yakima.
  • A standard veterinary service averages $60.44 in Seattle and $49.09 in Yakima.

Three times a year, the staff of YCDA hits the streets and checks prices for grocery items, including those listed above. We also get prices for rent, new home sales, utilities, healthcare, mortgage rates, and transportation. In total we collect prices on over 55 items. At the same time we are doing this in Yakima, other organizations are doing the same survey in Seattle, Tri-Cities, San Francisco, New York, and over 260 different urban areas across the nation.

We use the data to assist our local businesses in attracting talent to Valley. All of this pricing information is available in a user-friendly cost of living comparison calculator located on the YCDA website. This calculator allows a job candidate from outside of the area to see how much further their dollars will go if they accept the job and move to Yakima.

I encourage you to check out this tool and use it in your recruitment efforts when you have candidates that live outside of Yakima. The following link will take you directly to the calculator:

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Jonathan Smith, CEcD
Executive Director | Yakima County Development Association
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